Sliding in Scoots at the TAS Reining Show

The Scoot Boot team was out in force at the Tasmanian Reining Horse Association Show at the weekend to show how our boots work with sliders.

Sliders are iron shoes worn on the hind hooves of reining horses to get maximum slide when they stop.

Not many people know that Scoot Boots actually fit over sliders perfectly which enables the horse to have plenty of traction for exercise and turnout. 

The reining event, which featured 15 local Tasmanian competitors, was a great opportunity to demonstrate to riders how our boots work.

Here is champion rider Elle Arnold from Smithton who racked up plenty of points at the event -  the first show of the season which lasts up until March next year.

One of her peers, Chloe Towns, is already a user of Scoot Boots and she competed at the event with her horse in Scoots.

We’re looking forward to following the rider’s performance this season and to fitting Scoots on any of the multi-purpose horses offering owners a cheaper alternative going forward. 

Follow the TAS Reining action here: