Scoot Boot™ & Parelli® Partner to Advance Equine Welfare Worldwide

Scoot Boot proudly announce its partnership with the long-standing American Horsemanship company, Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

Under the co-sponsorship agreement, the two global companies will join forces in raising awareness for the humane and ethical treatment of horses—especially, when it comes to training and care. Both Parelli and Scoot Boot are all about “Keeping It Natural”, and Parelli is proud to stand with Scoot Boots as we work together to accelerate the barefoot movement.

A Common Goal 

Parelli is recognised as the universal pioneer of Natural Horsemanship, while Scoot Boot supplies its cutting edge equine hoof wear to customers across 90 countries.

The agreement will see the companies leverage each other’s global networks and collaborate in events, advocacy, and educational programs.

“The partnership is the perfect match between two companies who have the welfare of equines at the core of everything they do”, said Scoot Boot Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Annette Kaitinis. “We have both admired each other’s work and dedication over the years, but to formalise this in a partnership approach is just wonderful,” Ms. Kaitinis said.

Pat Parelli echoed these comments, adding “To be associated with like-minded companies and fellow passionate founders is wonderful. But, to know that everyone is doing what they do for the love of horses is my why”. Ms. Kaitinis added, “This is good news for us, Parelli Natural Horsemanship, and all our customers—but also for equines around the world as we work towards providing them healthier, happier, and longer lives.”

Scoot Boots Put to Use 

Parelli has successfully used Scoot Boots for over 8 years on a variety of horses for everything from pleasure to performance. Traveling across the United States for presentations and expos as well as back and forth between the two Parelli campuses in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and Ocala, Florida, Pat Parelli’s horses are presented with a variety of terrain and footing. Scoot Boots not only allow them to be protected, but also provide additional comfort to help the horses naturally adapt to their environment. This protection and comfort sets Parelli’s horses up for success in their various activities while also re-emphasizing one of Parelli’s core beliefs: putting the relationship first. This makes Scoot Boots a key component of Pat Parelli’s health and wellness routine for his equine partners.  

Pat Parelli recently stated, "Most horse lovers know that horseshoes are a necessary evil. They protect the hoof in some ways, but can destroy the foot in other ways. My quest is to keep everything as natural as possible for the horse. The last four decades have led me to keeping most of my horses barefoot, but it is important to give them the protection that is needed when we are in rough terrain. I have tried several products, but Scoot Boots are mine and my horse's choice."

Going Together 

To mark this partnership, both companies will offer a series of promotions over the coming weeks and encourage customers to visit both websites to sign up for their respective  newsletters and offers. 

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