How to put on a Scoot Boot and check the fit

Finding your optimum fit is important to us. It will ensure your hoof boots stay secure for the entire period of use. Please follow these instructions before riding in your boots

1. How to put on a Scoot Boot

When you try on your hoof boots for the first time try them on grass, rubber matting or a towel so they remain unmarked. If you need to return your hoof boots and they are marked or dirty we need to charge you a fee.

Step 1. Open the front straps and pastern strap on the boot.

Pick up your horse’s hoof with the sole facing upwards and slip the toe of the hoof into the boot.

Open front straps and pastern straps on Scoot Boot

Step 2. Pull the rear of the boot over the bulbs and place the hoof on the ground.

The hoof boot should slip on comfortably without force, but feel snug.

Pull Scoot Boot over heel bulbs to put on

Step 3. Place the hoof on the ground, close the front straps.

TIP: Use a hoof pick or pliers if the front straps are difficult to close.

Close front straps to put on Scoot Boots

Step 4. Secure the strap around the pastern and ensure you can place one finger between the strap and the pastern at the front.

Loosen or tighten the straps if needed.

Fasten pastern strap to put on Scoot Boots

Tip 1. If your horse is new to Scoot Boots, take it gently at first. Just like human shoes, your Scoots will loosen and soften over time.

Tip 2. Use Trail Gaiters, especially if your horse is new to Scoot Boots or has sensitive skin. Make sure the sticker side is on the outside of the boot ensure sand does not get trapped against the heel bulbs.

Certified Barefoot Trimmer and Scoot Boot Sizing Specialist Julia Stroh shows us how to put on a pair of Scoot Boots in this video

2. How to check the fit of your Scoot Boots

Check 1. Heel Bulb Finger Test

You should be able to push your finger between the bulbs and the heel strap (the part that goes over the top of the bulbs). It is still okay if you have to force your finger in. Scoot Boots stretch slightly after the first use.

Check 1 heel bulb finger Scoot Boot test

Check 2. Gap Test

Check the top of the boot is fitting securely all the way around against the wall of the hoof. There should be a gap at the front, the size will depend on the shape of the hoof walls.

Check 2 front gap Scoot Boot test

Check 3. Front Strap Test

Check there is firm tension on the front straps when done up. If you can’t close the straps with a hoof pick they may be too small.

Check 3 front strap tension Scoot Boot test

Check 4. Wiggle Test

Pick up the hoof and gently rotate the boot both ways. The boot should not turn or move on the hoof.

Check 4 wiggle test for Scoot Boots

Julia shows how to check the fit of your Scoot Boots in this video

3. Let us help you confirm the fit of your Scoot Boots

Not sure about the fit of your Scoots?

Take photos of the fit from all angles and email them to us. Our fitting experts will evaluate the fit of your hoof boots and provide you with further advice.

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Check out Frequently Asked Questions Page for sizing and fitting troubleshooting

Julia explains why it's important to have your Scoot Boot fit confirmed by a sizing specialist