Scoot Boot completes successful European Tour

The Scoot Boot team has returned to Hobart after a successful European Tour taking in the Spoga Horse Fair in Cologne Germany and a series of key meetings across surrounding countries.

 Scoot Boot Co-Founder and CEO Annette Kaitinis said she was overwhelmed by the response received and excited by the expansion opportunities presented. 

 “During our three days at the Spoga Horse Fair we had more than 60 visitors from across 27 countries, 11 of which were from new markets,” Ms Kaitinis said.

 “The level of interest in our product was surprisingly high and confirmed to us that the barefoot movement is gaining momentum across all of Europe and further abroad into markets such as Mexico, Middle East, Asia, and South Africa.” 

 “From the discussions and feedback we are confident that Scoot Boots is indeed the category leader globally in hoof boot technology.

 “In the coming weeks and months as we work with new partners, we expect to see Scoot Boots become even more accessible as we add to our global footprint which already includes 100 countries.”  

 Ms Kaitinis said it was a pleasure to meet with some of Scoot Boot’s top European wholesalers and discuss business development and expansion plans.

 “Customer service excellence has always been a pillar of our brand as we work with our partners who share our belief in equine health and well-being,” she said.

 “We don’t just sell hoof boots, we provide a healthier alternative for equine owners who want the best out of their riding lifestyle.

 “Our wholesale partners are passionate advocates for barefoot equines and join us in providing product plus hoof health knowledge and advice to their customers.”   

 Ms Kaitinis said Spoga Horse Fair would be a permanent fixture on the Scoot Boot annual calendar as the team continues to build the brand and global product demand.