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Endurance Gaiters
Jeanelle Boutwell
Love them

I got these for my OTTB, they fit good, easy to use, stay on. Only think I think about is when he’s in the mud. I don’t want them getting packed full of mud.

Easy to use, so much better than shoes!

So much more reliable than shoes, and my horse's hooves are already growing into a better shape from being barefoot inside the scoot boots when I ride. I'll never go back to shoes!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Grace Griffin
Great product!

I am transitioning my horse to barefoot and these scoot boots have been a lifesaver for us! I reached out prior to ordering about the proper fit and they were immensely helpful! Highly recommend and entirely worth the price!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Gloria Ludwig

I have used Scott boots for two or three years and l love them and so does my horse. I have been able to have my horse barefoot since using them. I highly recommend them

Scoot Anti Slip Shims
Sharon Russell

They work well stop boot movement
Do need to be glued in though as tabs wear of

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Tammy Eichmann
Working out perfectly for older fjord mare

The fit is perfect, they don’t slip sideways like her previous boots. They are very easy to get on. I am happy with my purchase!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Debra Harrison
Great Boots

I really like these boots because they fit my horse without rubbing her. My mare is really big and hard on everything. I was surprised at how well these boots held up.

The BEST!!!

I am so happy with my decision to get my mare a pair of scoot boots. She has thin soles and gets tender very easy. In hopes of keeping her barefoot I asked my farrier about his experience with scoot boots and he said he had several clients that had good results with them. I can't say enough good things about them. My horse took to them very well and she has not been tender or come up lame one day since she has been wearing them. I am so happy to be able to ride in our outdoor arena now. It doesn't have as soft of footing as the indoor and she would usually be sore for a day or two after if I rode in the outdoor too long. I also have to commend the customer service. I sent in photos for sizing and photos once I got them for the fit to be evaluated. I got quick replies and everyone was always very helpful. This is a wonderful company with a fantastic product and I highly recommend them!

Scoot Enduro Hoof Boots
chiaralisa randone

don’t move at all

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Margaret Ohlinger
Very happy with the Scoot Boots!

My Prince is definitely walking much better with these boots on. He’s clearly happier and moving more eagerly and enjoying himself. I don’t think I’ll take a chance turning him out in the pasture for fear of them coming off (my pasture is quite large). Maybe I will when I get the brightly colored additional attachments just in case he should pull off a boot out there. 😊

scoot boots for my 3 year old

these boots are perfect for my young horse, Where I live is pretty rocky and these boots fit my young horse perfectly and protect his soles from stone bruises when I take him out. This way I am able to keep his feet healthy without having to nail steel shoes on him, we are both happy!

Superior to all others

This is our third pair for a new horse. We have 2 other horses wearing Scoot Boots for years! We are avid trail riders/campers ( 22 years!) and have tried almost all the other brands … untill Scoot Boots! They are easy to apply. They stay on through mudd, water, rocks! And the horses seem to appreciate them as well

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Jo Ann Vinkovich
Love those scoots

I really Thought I would not be able to ride my 23-year-old Appy,the Blacksmith said he could no longer wear shoes. These boots are wonderful. Wish I knew about them sooner. I will get another Pair for my 25-year-old Haflinger. If they get muddy, they clean up easy, they are easy to put on and takeoff, and they work wonderfully for trail riding.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
John Glassford

These have helped my horse so much

Front Strap Pack
Kara Dodson
A great purchase

I love that scoot boots are so easy to fix and replace any straps that wear out or stretch after hard use. These are a great product I’ll be a lifetime buyer !

New boots

Just got scoot boots for my older warm blood. They are great! Fit is perfect and they help with the barefoot transition underway.

Scoot Mud Straps
Colorado Lobster Lover
Marigold mud straps

Easy to find if they should happen to come off! Slcoot boots do seem to be working for us.

Great customer service!

I did the sizing through scoot boots. They recommended 2 different sizes which I ordered. The boots arrived fast (free shipping too) considering they were coming from Australia to Arizona. Through several emails and photos, we figured out that we needed to switch the boots around (back to front, front to back). I was told this is odd but it made perfect sense to me. The help I received was great and the boots are working very well. Thank you for all your help Steph!!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Judy M Furbish
Round hoofs

Still not sure they fit correctly. Used twice this past weekend. Hard to get on.
They stayed on and didn’t see any marks after the ride.

Measurement is perfect, helpful product for sensitive hoofs

It really helped to my horse sensitive hoofs, only the little plastic holding together the straps
Is very difficult to put on and remove, too tights

Difficult to put on

I like the way my horse moves in them; they are light and flexible on his hooves. However, they tend to rotate on his hoof when doing turns on the forehand, and it is extremely difficult to thread the mud strap through the mud strap collar.

Scoot Mud Straps
debra brooks
MUD STRAPS=peace of mind

using the mud straps really takes all the worrying about losing a boot while out riding...worth the extra little investment!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Jodie Burnside
First set of boots

Absolutely amazing from start to finish customer services

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Richard Ketch
Scoot Boots Review

So far these boots are everything they are advertised to be and I'm very happy with them. Have done some light reining patterns in them, but still not fully broke in, so am taking it easy. I do not foresee any issues. Can't wait to get on some cows.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Toby Selmanovic
Great design

Great design and really helpful with sizing.