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Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Sandra Rey Navarro
I recomen Scoot Booots 100%

The best boots I has ever bought.
They are so easy to use! And my Horse goes so confortable with!
Before use scoot booots my Horse didn't "galop" because he aren't confortable.

Endurance Gaiters
Monique van Vliet
Game changer!

Our horse Giles is reining bred, which means he puts his hind feet very far underneath his body. When putting on a boot he gets chaffing on his heel and pastern. That is till we discovered the Endurance Gaiters. A real game changer! Problem solved and he is a lot more comfortable.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Monique van Vliet
Scoot Boots all the way

Time for some praise. After using Scoot Boots for almost 10,000 km on our ride around Australia, I can guarantee they are the best boot around. Scoot Boots are easy and quick to put on. They last us at least 1000km. We never had to use any of the replacement parts provided. Shipping is always super quick. We love your professional and friendly customer service. What more can we say; you guys are the best, keep up the good work.

Wonderful boot and service

After sending in a sizing request, we were swiftly advised on which boot would be the best fit for our new high heeled horse who is transitioning to living barefoot. The enduro is a great fit, thanks to all the adjustable straps! The service was fast and accurate and we are beyond happy with the boot itself. It helps our horse a great deal on the rough and rocky trails here.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Andrea Ferris
Better than shoes ...

We are using Scoot Boots to ride the National Trail in 2023. Scoots are such a great alternative to shoes and save the hassle of finding a farrier and potentially losing shoes on the trail with no way to replace them.

Hardware Pack
Sharon Jacintha
Love the colours.

I love the Scoot Boots and the choice of colours in the straps. It makes it much easier to find your boot if it comes off in mud.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
suezanne petersen
5 Star

I have always rated this product very high. I am a repeat customer.

Scoot boot regular

I fully recommend scoot boots. I noticed my horse was a little more tender on the rockier ground and I tried different boots before these and they rubbed so I decided to look at scoots and said why not so got them and shes much more comfortable in them on harder/rocky ground. I definitely will be buying again for my others horses. They price is great because you get what you pay for that’s for sure and they last a long time. Glad to be a scoot boot customer. Thank you

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Wendy Metzler
Hard to fit mare

I want to thank Steph for working VERY hard with me to get the right boots for my mare. She has very small feet with narrow and very high heels. Steph spent ALOT of time with me on trying to get the original boots to fit, then decided they wouldn't work and she suggested the Enduro boots. Altho they are slightly big in the heel area, Steph walked me thru what straps to use and tighten and I am thrilled to say the boots now fit my little mare!! Thanks so much to Steph and the rest of the Scoot boots team!!

When size is not known

Purchased a gift card for my daughters irish draft horse. I thought her size would be a 9 but not confident in that I decided to just get a gift card so she could take the pictures and send it in for Scoot Boot to do the sizing. She has not done that yet but hopefully soon.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Jessica McLeod
Just ok

Had the size selected using the online fitting service. Measured exactly on the measurements for a size 3, the fit matched all the photos as they should, but within half a day both boots had twisted completely sideways. Rectified it with anti slip shims and also have the pads in the soles as the boots were intended as rehab for a laminitic mare with thin soles.
The mare seems pretty comfortable in the boots, however the pads are not good. Too thin and too firm for rehab use, and also wore holes through the pad at the heel bars within 1 week of wear. Have substituted the pads with memory foam instead

Scoot Enduro Hoof Boots
Catherine Shanks
Scoots enduro ☺️

Hey guys,
Merlot loves his enduros! His a different horse, in them. Took to them like a pro and I’m forever grateful, for you guys for saving me big time in money and time. Thank you!! xx

New Scoot Boots

I’ve been using scoot boots for over a year now and recently won a pair, so now I have a pair for the back feet as well. They are tough, long lasting and easy to use. The team at scoot are also great to deal with.

Scoot Anti Slip Shims
Martina Zitova
Scoot Anti slip shims

Well, scoot boots itself are amazing, but I live in wet, muddy, still beautiful Ireland tho. So when we went of track with my boy, where mud can be really deep, or hunting where hunderts horses were galloping head of you in same soft ground track, it got quiet challange to keep the boots on, I even lost one in hunt, and that hurts, cose u and ur horse love them! Anti slip shims are abosulte game changer! U will not lose ur boots in deep of deepest mud, river, mucky puddles, nowhere! I tried, so thank you scoot boots for this little gadet! They are 120% worth it. Especially in Ireland!

I have front sets for both my ridden horses. One of my horses is wearing them while he recovers from laminitis. The both tolerate them really well although perhaps stub their toes more often wearing them. They stay on well even without the Pastern strap.
I’m thinking of ordering some hind ones for my thoroughbred.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Chiara Montanari

good fitting, i haven't used them much so i'm waiting to see how long they'll last, but i'm happy about then for now, it seems that my horse has no problem walking on various types of terrain, even rough ones with his new scootboots.

Scoot Skins Glue-on
Brandi Wurtz
Verdict is still out

The look, feel, concept and application are appealing. However, we are having trouble getting them to stay glued on. Part of the problem could be that it’s winter and the temp is not above 30. But I did stall the horse so her feet are dry. I kept the glue inside and then on the day of application we ran a propane heater on the horses feet for 30 minutes so her feet were warm. Glued them on with no issues. Followed instructions to the detail. 1 week and they have both come off. That doesn’t mean I hate them, it just means we need to try again. Verdict is still out.

Scoot boot

So far, I'm still trying to get the correct fit. Think shims will help with that. But I don't see there being any problems when we get it sorted. Nice solid boot. Definitely look forward to using them!

Scoot Enduro Hoof Boots
Chris Phillips
Excellent service and product

This is our second set of boots as we now have two horses, following advice from Scoot we sent photos to Julia who was great we got the right boots first time .
We use the boots going cross country and great knowing that our horses hoofs are well protected.
I totally recommend Scoots .

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
alexandra silfver

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Jean-Jacques Lob
Classic Scoot's

Size 4 fits perfectly; when new, looks like varnished dinner shoes, just add a tuxedo and you can take your horse to a celebrity party!

You hardly know your horse is wearing boots!

I have really been impressed with how my horse goes in her new Scoot Boots. We mostly ride in the arena then we like to head out for a walk on the trails. So, I just put them on her and we go. The boots I had before made her feel kind of clumsy in the arena, so I tended to avoid using them but then we could not go out for a walk on the trails. (not to mention trying to replace the cables when they broke was a big project!) The Scoots take a little effort to put on at first but they do get easier. I highly recommend taking the time to send in photos and have the company size them for you, as I would have ordered the wrong size based on the charts. This way they were perfect and saved the hassle of sending them back.

scoot boots excellent

I was extremely pleased with my scoot boot purchase. Very helpful, knowledgeable staff. The boots really fit well and do what are intended for

Fit the horse super well

Those boots fit the mare super well (on her back feet) - The regular Scott boots didn't fit but those do and she is able to go on rough tracks without being foot sore, thanks so much!

No more twisting

I ordered the shims for my Clydie mare as her scoots were twisting out on the trail on uneven ground and through creeks. Due to her large heel bulb I had to go up a size in the scoots, so the fit has never been quite right. Once I added the shims though the boots fit so snug and we’ve had absolutely no twisting.