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Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Vicki Ryckman
Still in the fitting process.

The boots delivered were uncomfortable for my horse. They have been returned and I am awaiting a larger size.

Awesome Boots!!

I love these scoot boots sooo much! We live in Florida and took our horses to Tennessee to ride in the mountains where it’s very rocky! And my mare did great! The front shoes fit perfectly but the back boots are slightly too big but I called my farrier and she suggested I wrap her back hooves in vet wrap and now they fit nice and snug! Thank you scoot boot!!!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Amanda Marrow
Super fast delivery

Ordered my horses free birthday front straps 🥰 and a few other accessories and they arrived really fast to Ireland. Delighted 😃

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Alison Sullivan
Loving The Scoot Boots

Thank you so much for all your efforts and time changing sizes so we got a great fit for my horse Ice .. Now he can walk on any surface and feel no pain . Thanks so much 🙏 💓 ☺️ Happy Horse & Happy Owner...

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Rebecca Jewell
Love our scoots

We got a pair of scoot boots to replace Astro's worn out Cavallo boots on his back hooves. We love them, so much easier to get on and off and so much easier to clean. First ride out in them was the best ride we've he'd in ages. We'll definitely be getting another pair soon to replace his front boots too.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Chloe Wangler
Great product!

Tried and tested in a wide variety of terrain and they have been wonderful! Customer service was great, sizing service was accurate and easy. Overall very happy with my scoot boots. I’m looking forward to many miles of trails ahead.

Scoot Enduro Hoof Boots
Patty Armstrong

Still waiting for shipping label so I can send them back

Super team!

I'm so happy about my boots! They're perfect for me and my boy! I recommend scoot boots 10/10!

Scoot Skins Glue-on
Whitney Cloer
Excellent boots! Love the glue on!

Boots stay on reliably and look great. Perfect for my needs so far! Trail riding in mountainous terrain and arena work. Will definitely purchase again!

Nailed it!

These boots are great! So much less clunky than the big wrap around velcro brands and mine DON'T SPIN. I tried shims, pads, grease, to get rid of slip, spin and rubs from other brands...and my horse is big, his feet are big. These Scoots are amazing. Minimalist, and get the job done. I wouldn't want to hike in clogs and my horse doesn't either. Our Scoots provide protection, don't collect tons of grass, seed, sand and other goops, drain well after going through creek crossings. I am just so pleased - and so is my trail buddy!!!

Pastern Strap Pack
Michelle Steinberger

I am quite happy with the straps, the last ones I bought did their job nicely😁

Love Them

Loving my scoot boots so far really helping my barefoot horse not chip her feet up

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Leslie Quenell
ScootBoots stay on!

I have not been able to keep hind boots on my horse but his new Scoot Boots stay on very well. They are so easy to put on and remove. We are both happy with them.

Pretty good so far

After losing a boot in a particularly sticky puddle and installing the mud straps, I have found the fit a little snug around the back and beginning to rub after a harder ride. Hoping trail gaiters and a little stretching will resolve the problem. Otherwise they have been going pretty well.

Front Strap Pack
Kaitlyn Sorensen
Colorful & Fun

The front straps I got in different colors not just for the looks but also it helps differentiate from my back boots easily and when riding with others it makes it easy to spot if they’re still on or have adjusted in anyway.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Margaret Capitano
Easy Peasy

My farrier helped me take the measurements and photos, I sent them in, received sizes, ordered and the boots arrived within a week. One horse fit perfectly, the other we are still working on getting the right fit, but they have been very good about helping. My mare loves them!

First Egyptian horse customer 😊

I am really satisfied with my scoots. I think that in addition to the support they give they also aid the horse in learning how to land heel first as their design prevents them from landing toe first.

Scoot Enduro Hoof Boots
Stephanie Mayhle
So helpful

Stephanie at scoot boots was SO incredibly helpful in properly sizing my two horses for boots. Best customer service I’ve ever had anywhere!!!! I did have to return a pair due to wrong sizing, but they made that process so painless and it didn’t cost me a penny!!!

Trail Gaiter Pack
Margsret Frontera
Trail Gater pack

I am glad you can buy a pack of trail gators. I wash
Them after my trail ride and when they are drying I am ready to go with a set of dry ones.

Trail Gaiter Pack
marguerite noble
trail gaiter review

These trail gaiters work perfectly to ensure no rubbing at the back strap area. Very pleased with the results

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Jenni Reschke

Find scoot boots very easy to apply, & my horses have always accepted the boots without issues. They work as normal in everyday. & we ride them through rough country to sand hills, & hard surfaced dirt roads.

Scoot Enduro Hoof Boots
Rebecca Mcdonald
Best fit

We’ve used a couple of brands of shoe. We won’t be changing again though. The stay in place. They don’t rub, they’re easy to clean.

Secure fit

I’m very happy with the final fit of the boots on my horse. The Enduros took me a bit to adjust and get the straps all the correct size, but it became easier with each hoof. I’m planning on recommending these to my friends who are barefoot too.

San Antonio Texas trails can tend to be brutal on barefoot hooves and now I’m confident that my horse will be able to tackle them safely.

Scoot Enduro Hoof Boots
Scoot Enduro Hoof Boots

I have not used these on my horse yet but I love the quality and they fit perfect.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Petra Hubinska

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots