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Scoot Boots
Harriet Goodrich

My horse's feet are so bad I have to keep him barefoot. His feet are so flat they're practically convex! He still took "off" steps on rocky ground even with the Scoot Boots so I cut up an old ThinLine pad and put insoles inside the Scoot Boots. Now he is comfortable conditioning over hard, rocky ground and I can proceed with my program for him. They're Lifesavers! Thank you, Scoot Boots!

Scoot Boots
Shannon Golias

The boots are amazing, we tried two other types for our TB before trying Scootboots. They were a perfect fit, light and we were immediately able to ride without soreness.

Scoot Boots
Ronja Hall

Scoot Boots

Pastern Strap Pack
Bunny Lincoln
Boot shims

Scoot Boots has been awesome to work with. I will always use Scott boots. So easy to put on and off.

Scoot Boots
Leah Good
Just what we needed!

I have a 6 year old OTTB who has been shod her whole life until this past winter. When purchasing her I knew that I wanted to keep her barefoot if at all possible, but knew that this would be tricky. She has strong hooves but is ouchy on stones and hard ground so I needed something for our rides. Scoot Boots are just what we needed. I did a lot of shopping around and looking at reviews and asking horsey people around me and decided to give Scoot Boots a try. I sent photos for sizing and received a response within 24 hours! I ordered right away and received them less than 2 weeks later. They fit great and stay on perfectly; no twisting, sliding, or shifting. I have used them for about half a dozen schooling sessions now and my mare does great in them in the grass/dirt arenas. I'm really looking forward to taking them on the trail. I would definitely recommend them. Additionally, they are really easy to clean.

Scoot Boots
Desma McLeod
Thank you

I was very lucky to be a recipient of a Instagram promotion. Everyone was great to deal with and I received the boots in the post very promptly.

Scoot Boots
Scott Mcconnachie
Scoot Boots

So far , the Scoot Boots are easy to put on and take off.
I do keep the hoofs trimmed up, using a rasp,
not a easy task for some.
Scoot Boots are amazing!

Juste Perfect !!

This company went above and beyond!

Scootboots not only has an excellent product but they also have top of the line service! I couldn’t be happier with the whole process of troubleshooting a problem I was having and I am super happy with the product. Great company!

Love them

they really helped inside to make the fit a little tighter and a bit more support! fit inside very easy if you get the right sieze!!

Endurance gaiters

The gaiters fit well inside the boots. I really like that they have the pads attached. My only concern is that my horse’s pasterns are so small that the wrap overlaps so I must put tape around the pastern area to keep the wrap from coming loose. Keep making them!

Thorough and timely service

It was a greatly appreciated process with one on one service; no question left unanswered, often receiving replies same-day.
I have the perfect fit for one horse while the other undergoes a new trimming plan to achieve the best possible fit.

Scoot Boots
Lynne Murray
Merton Park

Brilliant Product..
Thank you so much...

Scoot Boots
Heidi Roele
Quick service!

Good products, good fit and quick service. Although it would have been nice if on your own website it was a bit more clear that the products have to come from Australia. I did not know and now I feel quite guilty about the carbon footprint of my new Scoots!

Endurance Gaiters Make a Difference

I purchased a pair of endurance gaiters hoping they'd help make the Boots more comfortable for my horse. If her performance is anything to go by they've done the job well 👍

Scoot Boots
Corinne A Shartrand
Best boots ever

These boots are great with helping my rescued Trotter transition from shoes to bare feet. His feet were to tender to ride but once he had these boots on he was good to go. They are currently on his rear feet however as soon as he gets a nice trim, I will be ordering boots for his front. Highly recommend these boots.

Scoot Boots
Kim Deliège
Happy with my scoots

The scoots are easy to put on, easy to clean. Do the job they're supposed to do. Fit great, I don't even use straps and the stay on even for 24/7 turnout, no chafing whatsoever. Great service and sizing advice too. Thumbs up.

Pastern Strap Pack
Kristina Clifton
Easy to see

I bought these brightly coloured straps so they were easy to see if we lost a boot. Does the job well.

Scoot Boots
Scoots for Roan

This is my second pair of Scoots. Love them

Scoot Boots
Dana S
So far so good

They make sizing easy. Boots arrived reasonably fast. Boots work great. Took them on a hard ride, stayed on no rubs. Looking forward to using them more.

Scoot Anti Slip Shim (one pair)

Scoot Boots
Tiffany Menke

I am so happy with the Scoot Boots! My horse loves them and licks me and nudges me when he sees me with them! I don't have to worry about dumping the arena sand out of the boot when we go from arena to a hack. Thanks Scoot Boot for your excellent product!

Scoot Boots
Gwen Johnson

I used your help in picking a size to them and to big..sent more photos waiting to hear what size to try next..

Scoot Boots
Petra Bandelj
Dream boots

I love Scoot Boots as they are exactly what I wanted from a hoof boot. I struggled a lot before and did not find a hoof boot I would feel ok to apply it on my horse’s hoofs. Scoots are exactly what I dreamed how a hoof boot should look like. Protection, light, keeps normal horse gaits, very open so air, water comes in and out no problems, stay on and are easy to put on and off. And most importantly, they are a perfect fit for my horses very round (more wide then long) hoofs. Very happy about them. I recommend them to everyone that asks.

Wonderful support

I was very happy with the fast and trouble free replacement of a faulty endurance gaiter. The endurance gaiters do a good job keeping the small stones out of the back of the heel/pastern area, that was a problem for my horse with the trail gaiters, but I am still learning how to put them on efficiently, it can take me several tries, to get them on in the correct position.

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