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Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Lisa Sherwood
'Scoots are great!

Hi thanks for the opportunity to provide a review. Your service and shipping is awesome! DHL to Canada, is great!
I have been using Scoot Boots for 4+ years now I think, and they work great, they stay on, my horse moves perfectly as herself in them, which makes me feel that we are doing the right thing! Thanks so much, please keep up the great work!

Essential for the bare foot horse

Love these boots, they are just essential to have on hand. Great for trail rides or just sore footed horses for what ever reason. The pad inserts are great for post abscess, etc. Everyone needs a pair to keep on hand. They stay on very well, have not lost one on a ride yet.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Heather Hornick

I ordered a size 5 for my horse with laminitis. They did not for even after I measured. I then ordered a size 6 only for them to be too big. Only after speaking with a sales rep was I told that they were not meant for horses with high heels. I don’t like him up there. Money spent and now I have two new pairs of skoot boots that I cannot use.

Scoot Mud Straps
Mark Hemmerlein
New mud straps

I was loosing boots at a canter in heavy grass. Trying the mud straps to keep the boots on. So far so good. Lost a little hair on the fetlock and took the trail gaiters off for a better fit.

Trail Gaiter Pack
Anita Abel
Love my scoots!

I've had my boots for about 5yrs now, and have just bought the mudstraps as well as replaced my gaiters as worn them out... straps are great, should have done it sooner... 👍🥰

Scoot Pads
Petra Porter
Scoot pads

Jury is still out on the pads. While they definitely help with the fit when in between sizes (straight after a trim) the one time I used them they did move out of place a bit (edge slipped out on one side) and at the end of the ride they looked flattened especially where the hoof mark is and worn out. Will try them again though and see if it works better once they have been worn before (not so much give maybe).

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Ivana Sturmova

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Elizabeth A Oakley
So far so good

It’s still early but my horse has adjusted well. As a bonus we have used them for turnout lately since we have had so much rain.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Kelli Whitfield
Buyer beware

Be careful if you order direct. They come from Australia and there is no U.S. return warehouse. Costs more to return than the boots cost originally.


Easy fuss free sizing advise, fast postage, great after purchase follow ups
Great all round!!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Scoot Boots

I love these Boots. My horse loves these boots. We trail ride and they stayed on perfectly.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Johanna Diener
Perfect on the back hooves

The Scoots for the back hooves are fitting very well. Only on rainy weather the right ist turning a bit, but seven days ago I ordered two for the front and anti slip caps also.

Endurance Gaiters
Sally Raven

The Velcro could be improved/ rethinked. Doesn't hold very well when wet.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Kristin McCann
Great solution for tricky hoof problems!

My 4yo OTTB couldn’t deep shoes on, and summer’s wet/dry cycles and fly stomping just made it worse. She got to where there just wasn’t enough foot to shoe, and she gets exquisitely foot sore (she fancies herself a dainty, delicate flower). I resigned myself to canceling our plans to attend a thoroughbred makeover competition this fall and just give her a few months off to grow some hoof until a friend told me about scoot boots! They are a true game changer and we are back on track, albeit a bit behind schedule, to compete this fall. Her feet still need some time, but thanks to scoot boots, she is pain free and doing great. Neither she nor I notice them at all- she is as nimble and light on her feet as ever! Thank you for this fantastic product!

Best decision and fabulous service

After approximately a month of using Scoot Boots I’m totally in love. I used the sizing service (quite easy) and got all needed informations after 2 day’s. Ordering was easy too and we received the boots adder 2-3 weeks (to Germany)!!
The sizing team made a great job and so Skraddari (Icelandic horse) can walk every path and also cross little rivers.. they fit also in Tölt and he seems to like his boots!! Thanks Scoot Boots ❤️

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Julie Hutchins

Great boots , fit perfectly. Reggie didn’t mind them at all.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Kendra Loring
horse with laminitis

These boots have helped our kid with laminitis and chronic abscesses. He is doing great! Almost ready to go back to work!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Candice Benjamin
One of a kind!

Great fitting hoof boots that stay in place and protect our horses feet without being bulky and heavy! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Endurance Gaiters
Vicki Enklaar
Excellent product

Couldn’t be happier with the product and excellent customer service.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Kateřina Talábová

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Leslie Morgan
Despite pictures sent in still not a good fit

I’m not real happy. Have tried to get sizing done correctly and got good feedback from Julia initially but she seems to have ghosted me now. The back right keeps sliding around the hoof. And the front ones are rubbing sores. I’m willing to keep trying but would like more help.

Endurance Gaiters
Megan Mcconnell
Excellent addition to our ScootBoots

So far I have been able to use the new Gators for endurance rides preparation while helping to clear trails and mark trails. We’ve covered approximately 80 km in the last three weeks with no issues to either of my horses. Thank you!

Scoot boots

Really liking these boots. Only used them on one foot so far but have tested them in the thick clay and they don't even think about coming off.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Alison Cotterill
New scoots

My scoots are great and fit well. I am looking forward to my horse getting used to them so we can have adventures together. Then I plan to bling them up with coloured straps!

Jeremys Scoot Boots

Great service . Boots easy to fit by my self and granddaughter .
Jeremy can walk on Stony ground with out any problems.