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Fabulous product as is all of the Scoot boot range. Love the new colour range for the straps. I'm always amazed at the durability of these boots even with our 800kg plus Percherons.

Fabulous boots - we wouldn’t wear anything else.

Easy to fit, size and wear - my pony and I really do love our scoots boots.

Happy customer

We are very pleased with our new scoot boots for our pony’s back hooves good fit .She went out on our rocky road no problems a very happy pony .
Thanks for the help with your sizing service ,great boots.
Marian Scott.

Excellent service

Excellent service

Fantastic service!

Really pleased with the prompt measure up service via photos, ordered my scoot boots, came within the week and fitted perfectly. Will be ordering again. And all in the Christmas rush. Thank you

Endurance gaiters and scoot boots

Easy to use, and my horse has loved them from the first ride, I’m very pleased with my purchase and with the fitting advice scoot Boots provided. My horse has such lovely hooves and never had shoes and I’m so happy I have been able to provide her with comfort in all terrain riding while keeping her barefoot.

Front Strap Pack

Great product easy ordering very fast delivery and my mare loves them she loves trail riding but gets foot sore but now she just loves riding in her scoot boots thank you for the great fitting service and product.

Evie loves her new boots!

Fit her beautifully. Like she’s always worn them. Thank you! Little miss twinkle toes

Love my Scoot Boots

Best boots ever. Love them. So easy and so good for my horses feet.

Great Idea

I have the colour straps on the front boots to make it quick and easy to tell the front Boots from the back Boots and also so I can quickly grab the right boots for the right horse. Each horse has a different colour front strap.

Scoot Boot Second Hand (one boot)

happy with our scoot boots

Have had my scoot boots for a year now and happy to say they are great! I like to keep my horses barefoot but need something for them when we go trekking. The scoot boots are easy to use and don't come off which is great. I have had trouble before with renegades doing this or rotating on the hoof. The scoot boots are also easy to put on using a hoof pick) just remember to do up the pastern band when not in use or the little keepers may fall off. easy to clean after use as well

Great Invention

I love the way these allow my horse to travel with comfort on rough ground. I was impressed with how they handled the beach both the water and soft sand. We came unstuck when wading through a muddy creek and the back shoes got sucked off. One managed to remain forever lost which made it an expensive ride.

They come off easily and are not too hard to get on, however due to my arthritic hands I do find them hard work to do up the straps. I try and use a hoof pick or get my husband to do it if he's around. This is my only criticism. Compared to the fully enclosed type of boot they are brilliant, especially as I have a lot of sand tracks and the other type of boots are no good for sand or water as they just get filled up. I never had any issues with the design of the Scoot boot.

I highly recommend.


I have found Scot boots to be what I need to be able to muster on properties that are a bit harsh (rocky) on my horses feet but then be barefoot on properties that are easy ground.

Hoof Saver

Our farrier recommended Scoot Boots after our horse tore off his shoe and some hoof wall with it! The support provided with fitting was much appreciated and ensure we got the right size for the horse. Our horse wore them for about 6 or 7 months whilst his hoof grew back. The boots protected his feet and allowed the horse to still be in work. I was surprised at how sturdy and tough these boots are and very grateful to get them and solve our issues.

Scoot Boots.

Very Happy with them. My horse seems quite comfortable wearing them. Only use them on rough stony ground. Horse is normally barefoot.

I love the idea of the boots

the idea of the boots is sound and they do protect my horses feet, however I've had problems with the boots rubbing where the buckle is.

Lightweight and Durable - awesome!!!

I was a little sceptical buying the Scoot Boots as they looked quite different to everything else on the market – but that was the point, I wanted something that was lightweight and comfortable for my horse. The Scoot Boots are awesome, they are breathable and can be worn for long periods on horses rehabbing from hoof concerns and requiring additional comfort. They do not sweat and are not clunky or cumbersome. Love them so much I just bought another pair 😉

New Boots

I really like using Scoot Boots and am on to my second pair in 3 years. The new ones are great but there are a couple of issues I didn't have with the old ones. I think the new ones are made out of a slightly different material and are probably stronger however the old ones were more rubberlike and gripped better. I find that when riding in wet grass up and down hills the new ones tend to slip sidewards which didn't happen with the old ones. I also find with the new ones that the sizing is slightly narrower. My horse has one 6 and one 7. Having said that I still love the boots and will certainly continue using them. I ride in some pretty rough country in the mountains and am very impressed with their durability. They have never rubbed my horse and over say, 4 years I have only ever lost one strap.

i love scoot boots

I love the simplicity of these boots. Easy to put on and take off. They might be a bit of a struggle unless you have seen how to put them on, or watched the online videos, but once you done it, there's no going back or swapping to other brands. I love the fact that there is no velcro, no buzzies to have to pull off! I like that you can buy parts if needed and the support from the Scoot Boot team is great!

Slim, Solid & Stylish

Very happy with my Scoot’s, I’m trying to think of something negative about them but I can’t, they aren’t big and chunky and they don’t impede on the horses natural movements, they’re great in sand and water even without mud straps. They’re a simple design so there’s not much to go wrong with them (I.e no wire or moving parts etc) theyre relatively easy to put on and off and super easy to clean. I’ve got a pair of cavallos and they are too clunky and have fallen off my horses feet and rubbed. Scoot’s are everything you want in a hoof boot:
easy to take care of ✅
easy to take on and off ✅
Different coloured straps/customisable ✅
Visually appealing ✅
Last a long time✅
Protect your horses feet✅

Worth their weight in gold

I couldn’t justify shoeing my horse as I only ride him once a month, roughly. The Scoot Boots are perfect for whenever I take him for a ride wherever the day takes us.

The staff at Scoot Boots are wonderful. Very helpful, Its no problem If the size is incorrect, always answer every question.
Great quality item. Thanks

Scoot Boots

Excellent. Easy to take on and off. Easy to clean.

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