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Brilliant Service

The team at Scoot Boot were so helpful in getting my horse Timmy fitted. This was not easy as he has some scar tissue on one of his heels. Thank you

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Caroline Fowler

Very helpful service


I should have got these years ago. My horse is so happy in them. Can believe how well the fit and the difference they make.
The service has been great and quick delivery. Can recommend enough

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Felix Krückels
A bit complicated

My contact person is super nice, but the process is a bit complicated especially with the meaning guidance. I saw from the beginning that my horse requires bigger shoes, now I am shipping the 2nd time too small shoes back. From Germany to Australia takes a while which makes the process a bit unrelaxed. I would prefer to have a contact shop in Germany.

Great product

We live in harsh rocky environment. Scoot boots have helped our horses immensely and we can actually ride them outside of the soft arenas now. Fast postage and customer service is on point. Thanks team!

Even better this time

I bought scoot boot slims for my younger mare and really, really liked them, so switched my older mare from shoes as well. Using the sizing service it was determined she needed enduros, which I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive about at first - the heel strap concerned me. However, my older mare is going GREAT in the enduros, better than my younger mare! There are no rubbing issues (definitely use the sizing service) and I appreciated all the sized straps and accessories included with the pair purchase. She loves them and I am SO happy we got her out of shoes.

One of my students accidentally put her out with the enduros on overnight. When I discovered this the next morning, she had lost one. Interestingly, it appeared it had just popped off - everything was intact and nothing broken, I’m still using it. Both of her hooves/legs were cleaned and uninjured, no rubs/scrapes/swelling. This made me feel much better about using them for extended periods of time or about them getting caught on brush.

My one complaint is that I wish the mud straps were easier to get on. I run a riding school and all of my students have a really difficult time getting the straps through the sleeve together. I am probably the only one in my barn who can get them on in a timely manner, and even then it is longer than I would like, as the original scoots take only a minute or two. Also when it is cold, or when a student has arthritic hands, it gets a bit miserable.

That is the only reason I’m giving these 4 stars, although I really love them, the fit on my horse, their durability and safety. Would probably purchase them again and suck up the difficult mud straps.

If anyone had tips and tricks regarding the mud straps, I’d love it!


My Texas Thoroughbred just has issues with his rear hooves staying healthy. I’ve tried numerous protective boots -all to no avail. Then I heard about Scoot Boots. I had quite the trouble getting my sizing pictures to the office in Australia. They worked over time to take care of me and my Kaladin. What a huge change for him!! I’m quite delighted in the gorgeous hooves my big boy has grown. I have to take them off at horseshoes, but we had no troubles. Yahooo!!! My Aussie Sandles are really working great!!!

Pastern Strap Pack
Bobbi Hansford
Thought I had finally found a good hoof boot. WRONG

Liked these at first then problems start. Bolt keeps coming off back of boot then I order colored straps, the bolts that hold these WILL NOT unscrew ended up braking the bolts so I'm screwed can't replace the straps and can't put the new ones in. so that's 300$ down the tubes!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Outstanding boots

Have been using them for years. Only lost one on one occasion in really deep mud. No velcro means no stickers. My only recommendation would be to make left and right boots so you don't have to reach across the front of your horse when latching them; that would make them a little safer to put on/take off.

Love them!

Super happy with my scoot boots, they fit great and dont move!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Tatyana Dyndikova
Barefoot transition aid

Poppy was sore in one of her front feet for 3 weeks after removing her front shoes, I grew increasingly worried that I had made a poor decision and that she might be one of those TBs that just would never make a good transition. I had lost almost all of my hope before finding these booties as I could only ride her for 15 minutes max before she grew so uncomfortable that she wanted to stop.
With the help of the booties and some hoof hardener, Poppy has grown gradually more comfortable and I now ride her in the booties for 40+ minutes. A 5 star product.
A step by step guide to transitioning to barefoot would be appreciated and is the only reason for the 4 stars.

Awesome product Thankyou

Brilliant Service

Not only are Scootboots great for your horse the service is exceptional. My horse was difficult to fit having some scar tissue on his off fore heel. This meant he has a normal boot on the near and enduro one size up on the off. The team spent ages sending me advise swapping boots until we had the prefect fit and a happy horse. Thank you.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Tracy McIntyre
Great Customer Service

I recently ordered a pair of Scoot Boots using the company as my agent. It was an easy process and the boots were negotiable if the recommended size didn’t fit so there was no risk! The process was quick and after first use in mud, I had a little problem which was taken care of with great customer service! I plan to purchase hind boots soon:)

Hybrid Gaiters
Nicole Barri
Hybrid Gaiters

They slipped around too much so I modified them with Velcro on the outside of the boots to fasten the flap. Then sewing the slit to the bottom. Now they fit snug and don’t slide out of place.

Pastern Strap Pack
Michelle Smith
Pastern Straps

Thanks so much for your help in ordering parts for my boots. They arrived very quickly and were easy to use.

Scoot Anti Slip Shims
Dyana Geissinger
One hoof smaller than the other

My little pony has a slightly smaller hoof on his right front making him not fit well in one size boot. Instead of ordering one size for his right and a different size for his left I tried the anti slip shims and problem solved. His right scoot boot no longer wants to twist and turn :-) this worked. Thank you Scoot Boots, you’ve thought of everything.

Love these boots

I have an OTTB who is mouthy with his apparel, and had ripped the Velcro off many a bell boot. Spending $200+ on the typical Velcro style hoof boof just sounded like a waste and I knew others who used them who experienced bad thrush issues. We've been in the Euros for several months now and I love them. They stay on through turn out and work, they fit him through a whole trim cycle (and longer with heel adjustments). We tried the regular Scoot Boots and he could get all the straps loose, so those are his hind boots now. I have cooking spray in my tack trunk that keeps them easy to put on and off (take them off every couple days to get any caked dirt out of the hoof and boot). Highly recommend!

Scoot boot enduro

I have three horses that are in Scoot Boots currently sizes 2 to 5. One of the horses has thin souls with very sensitive feet that I have tried to correct through diet exercise, etc. I had him in the regular Scoot Boots and heat stretched the heels which was working, except for the end of the trim cycle. I tried a bigger size on him, he started to trip. When the Enduros came out in the size 5 I was looking forward to trying them. They are working great! I can fit the pad in without going up a size and the adjustable heel strap enables me to fit without doing any heat stretching like I needed to do with the regular scoots. I also played with the mud strap sizing and got it down to where I could slip his hoof through with the mud straps on, and they still working in sucking mud. Same mud thar was pulling the regular scoots off without the mud straps. Success! They don’t rub. They stay on , they’re the correct size yay !!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Penelope Whitney
Excellent fit

the boots fit perfectly, thanks to being able to share a photo of measurements


I have two other types of boots that I have been using. I never had a fitting issue with either one of them. I decided to go with Scoot Boots because I heard they made for a better fit overall. I sent them detailed photos, as requested, for them to send me the proper size. Took a long time to arrive from Tasmania. They didn't fit; they were too small. So after sending them more images, they agreed to exchange them for the next larger size. Took weeks to send them back and for the new boots to arrive. These appear a little tight around the heel bulbs, so I sent them MORE pictures. Their answer was a video showing someone taking the boots and submerging them in hot water and then stretching them. I paid two hundred quid for these boots. They don't fit right and now they want me to "stretch" them. I'm sure they wouldn't take them back if I did what they've told me to do. This is not a good experience! They're expensive, which I don't mind, but I don't like getting something that doesn't fit properly and the solution offered is to stretch them so that there is no way they would ever take them back. Between the time it takes to send them back and forth and the fitting issue, this is not a good situation and I've got two hundred quid tied up in these boots! Can't tell you how they work because I can't even use them!!!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Brenda Johnson
New scoots for rear

My boots came but appears too small. My farrier is coming April 6 we will see how they fit then may have to send them back. I have front ones and they are great

Scoot Enduro Hoof Boots
Shelby Bowtell
Work perfectly!

Very easy to order!
Riding is heavy sand or wet sand and still don’t come off or fill up with sand!
Has saved us from having to put shoes on n off while we get the horse’s feet to where they need to be!

Scoot Mud Straps
Dyana Geissinger
really good accessories

I only ride with mud straps on no matter if I know there will be mud on the trail or not. I have never lost a boot using the mud straps and they leave no rub marks.

Simply the best ...

I was looking for alternatives to standard shoeing, because there are weeks where I don't ride, but pony can't go on field turnout incase he loses a shoe, etc. The idea of having a removable boot is not new, but I was really surprised at how far they'd come!
I opted for the fitting service, and sent off the photos and measurements as requested. You will need help to carry this out. The next day I had a reply and a recommendation for the Enduro Boots, so ordered them online (you can pay via PayPal) and they arrived from Australia within a week.
The boots arrived with detailed instructions for fitting, and an accessories pack to customise the fit of each boot.
I won't lie, it was a fiddly job! Thankfully the pony is patient, as I spent quite a long time sat on the floor and he was stood on a mat, as recommended, to keep his feet and the boots clean while trying them on.
I used some of the extra/alternative pieces to customise the fit, and then took photos of pony wearing all 4 boots to send to the brilliant customer service team so they could review before we used them.
The next day, we got the go ahead so we set off for a short trip into the forestry ...
Pony was content wearing the boots, and moved freely in walk, trot and a short canter. I checked all 4 feet when I removed the boots, and there were no issues.
I am getting faster at putting the boots on now, and I am very impressed with the design and fit. Yes, they are more expensive, but in this case you get what you pay for. They are made to be comfortable and hard-wearing, and replacementparts are easily available if ever needed. The only maintenance is a quick blast with the hose, and an occasional check of the screws.
The customer service is amazing, and I'm sure that if I did have an issue in the future, it would be easily rectified.
I am 100% happy with my purchase of Scoot Boots, and more importantly, my pony is too.