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Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Caroline Moody
Boots didn’t fit

I sent measurements with pics to Scoot Boot for them to size. The boots were too small. Fortunately, since ScootBoot sized them, I was able to exchange without a charge. Waiting my second pair now and hopefully will fit.

This is the 3rd pair of scoot boots I have purchased. That have been the Best Buy. No rubbing, long lasting and using the mud straps really stay on. Together with barefoot trimming by a great farrier my horses feet are trouble free.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Kadri Raudsepp
Supergood boots!

Scoot boots are awesome!
They made my aqha mare's movement on hard ground totally. Before she didn't want to even walk on hard ground. Now she walks, trots and even gallops and she is happy doing it :-)
Ordering and sizing were easy and boots arrived very fast (from Australia to Estonia!!).
Totally recommend these boots :-)

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Tammy Robertson
Great company and great customer service!

From beginning to end Scoot Boots came through! I started with sending all my horses sizing measurements and then ordering the correct boots.
My horse loves his boots and so do I. Everything is easy, putting them on and taking them off is a breeze, he has done so well with them and he is very comfortable in them!
Thank you for being such a great company!

Simply Fabulous :D

Can’t rate Scoot Boot’s products highly enough, and such a lovely team of people too. Thanks guys!

Fit great they advised using the waiters til they wear in I find if you put heaps vaseline on the the heel bulb where boot sits no rubbing even on initial 7km rides I do take of and check during ride but no problems very happy so far

Fantastic service!

Well made boot, easy to use, straight forward design. The most fantastic part of this company is the service! They are right with you ready to help you out with video tutorials, checking your photos to ensure the perfect fit and give tips on how best to fit and use the boots and accessories. Customer service is fast and informative, I was never too much trouble and I never felt like an inconvenience to them. Will definitely be buying some more Scoots for my next horse!

Great product

This is an excellent addition to my horses gear. The website, videos and size guide was excellent and the product is terrific. My girl loves it.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Lilah Dobrowolski

I can't wait to get a pair of Scoots for her front feet too! She's been wearing her Scoots on the back feet (24/7) to heal a huge blowout hole in her frog that extends as a split up between her heel bulbs. She's been battling this since April 2021. 2 months in her Scoots and her heel and frog are FINALLY heeling! She also seems to do excellent now on our trail rides. She is no longer slipping, tripping and stumbling over owchie rocks. She still does in her front, shod feet though, so I'm saving up to get her front end boots too match.


I was a bit skeptical that these would work because they seemed very difficult to get in. I struggled less than I expected, and they are covering the strap that had been getting rub sores.

The velcro could be a little stronger. I think that's my biggest "negative" and that's barely a problem.. yet.

Not what I’d hoped for.

My boots (two pair) were mis-sized, although I had measurement photos from the day of my horse’s trim. Scootboot was nice but in the meantime a lot of time was lapsing for riding season here in the US. I’ve arranged a trade in within the US, and although I’m losing money, I still have some flexibility size wise. I like Scootboot and the people are nice but I was not satisfied with the fit or the cost. I will not go y by e AU route again.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Toni Mitchell
Great product!

The boots and the service from Scoot Boots are both excellent.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Renata Thommen

My tender footed horse does so good in these! She used to seek soft ground and go so slow over rocks carefully selecting her way. When she is wearing her new shoes she goes over rocks and stays on the trail! We have done water, mud, lava slides and much more with no trouble! Highly recommend these boots!

Worth Every Penny

My heart horse is a gorgeous blue roan Mustang named Juniper. As a Mustang, she’s never worn shoes on her feet, and generally they are pretty tough. However, we do ride on a lot of different terrain and I was noticing that right after a trim she’d sometimes become tender on certain rides. I remember hoof boots from years ago that were clunky and difficult to put on, and I considered just putting shoes on her feet instead. After some searching, I was surprised and delighted to find Scoot Boots. Working with their team was quick and painless, shipping was unexpectedly fast, and their boots are easy to use and sleek. My mare didn’t act like she could even feel a difference and she’s no longer tender. The whole process was incredible and we couldn’t be happier - thank you!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Regan Hofmann
Amazing product!

My horse had very thin and bruised soles after being turned out barefoot to recovery from a tendon issue and these boots saved the day! Within a week he was trotting and cantering around in comfort. They are easy to put on, stay on and haven’t caused any rubs or issues. I highly recommend them!

Great service!

Super fast and friendly service!
I got sized by scoot boots, which is the best way to get your product. In less then 3 weeks I got sized, delivered and given the feed back for the fitting with the boots. Unfortunately scoot boots was not a fit for my mare and they were honest about it. They will give me a full refund of the material.
I hope that in the future scootboots will be able to cover a greater variety of hoofs shapes because I would definitely get back to them!

Great experience overall!

Scoot boots after purchase service

Very please with the quality of the product sent.
Very pleased with the customer service. Have recommended your products to my friends.


Mine are twisting inside boot.

Quick deliver

Great boots and quick delivery very pleased. 👍

Scoot Boots
nigel stubley

Ruby is an older mare and had been shod for years with less than ideal farrier/foot care. I removed her shoes the moment I bought her and she has been barefoot ever since - 2 years. Where I live the area is full of gravel and stones. Since using the boots she is much more forward going in all gaits and appears more comfortable. Would highly recommend. Fabulous customer service especially from Steph at Scoot Boots - very helpful.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Sheona Bierer
The best boots I have used yet!

I have two pairs of easy trail boots that I love using for my horses. However, I live in Washington state and it’s wet here quite often. The boots are thick and when they are wet, they are slippery and hold the weight of the water. I bought train wild mustangs, and I wanted something that was durable, comfortable, and breathable for going on the gravel trails. I bought this first pair for my mustang filly when I pony her, and it is amazing! She never slips, going through puddles is no big deal, and it doesn’t hold the weight. They fit her extremely well, are very easy to take off, and overall I am so impressed. I would say the only thing I could possibly nitpick is that they are a bit tough to get on sometimes at the front closure, but that just means they are secure. I just mean getting the rubber over the notch.

I would love to eventually have a pair for all my horses!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Jayme Jamieson
Customer service

Scoot Boots company has great customer service. They helped me size my horse and unfortunately the first set was too big. Steph was amazing helping me to get a different size. I love the boots.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Mary Ludington
Love Them

Fit perfectly, easy to put on, my new 9 yo ranch horse transitioning to barefoot is much happier.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Jacqui Lanier

Amazing service and product!

Greatest boot ever.

I've battled with rescue horses hooves for 3 yrs. Discovered scoot boots by accident.
Both horse and I were thrill. Bless you.