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Great product!

Excellent product and service!! Scoot Boots are easy to put on and my horse never acknowledged anything being on his feet from the first wear. I use them for light trail riding after being trimmed or when the surface is rocky.
I love them!

Great easy to use excellent service from company

Scoot Anti Slip Shims
Diana O'Donnell
Lost a shim

My friend and I both purchased shims to help prevent losing a boot after a trim. Mine are working fine but my firend lost a shim while out riding the 2nd time she used them. She is not impressed.

Rub the sides of my horses feet

When I keep the side straps on the tighter side, the boots stay on great, but rub the sides of my horses feet. When I loosen them, the boots fall off. I am still playing around with adjusting them and scoot boot gives you all the tools you need to customize to your horse. I do wish my horse could use the regular scoots instead of enduros due to the side straps though.

I am a fan of scoot boots but these lasted 2 days on and it was barefoot farrier who put them on. She said the inner sides which are glued to the hoof wall need to be a rough surface to stick well. Anyway, while I love my scoot boots I won’t be using the skins again

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Deborah Martenson
Lehland’s new shoes!

I bought scoot boots for my Morgan. The farrier kept telling me I needed to think of shoeing him (he’s 21). A vet friend recommended your company and I’m so happy I bought them! My boy actually seems more confident on the trail and I feel better knowing he’s not going to bruise his hooves. I highly recommend scoot boots for anyone that does rocky or muddy trail rides. It’s a breeze putting them on and taking them off.

I’m still waiting to get the part to hopefully fix them. Arrival time schedule is May 10.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Antina Schreiber
I'm so glad to have them:)

Everything ist perfect! My horse loves them and they fit very well.
Thanks to your great team!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Wanda Dahlgren

Fits like a glove. Never have a problem with them.

Awesome boots and super easy to put on and off. My mare has tender feet in winter, so these scoot boots have saved her months of discomfort, and l've gained a happy mare.

Bit early days

I am currently stretching the second set to see if they will fit.
So far happy with customer service. Will see how we go.

Amazing product & amazing service!

I was so impressed with the service I received from scoot boots! They helped me find the right size for my big guy and were so patient with me! The scoot boots fit him so well and I couldn’t be happier! Owning a barefoot OTTB can be challenging but the scoot boots have helped me immensely!

Pastern Strap Pack
Megan Antes
Pastern straps

Ordered replacement pastern straps and the correct size was sent promptly. Good service as usual from Scoot Boots!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Jennifer Fenech
Enduro Scoot boots

Great service and product

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Jeffrey Jacobi
Love our new Scoot Boots

Thank you for making such a great product. I’m happy there is an alternative to having to shoe my horse, since we live and ride in an area with lots of rocks.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Deirdre Kitching
Wide Hoof Boots

Scoot boots offer an extra wide fitting which is unusual in the boot world. The service in finding the right fit was excellent and delivery was quick. Enjoying trying out my new boots

Brilliant Service

The team at Scoot Boot were so helpful in getting my horse Timmy fitted. This was not easy as he has some scar tissue on one of his heels. Thank you

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Caroline Fowler

Very helpful service


I should have got these years ago. My horse is so happy in them. Can believe how well the fit and the difference they make.
The service has been great and quick delivery. Can recommend enough

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Felix Krückels
A bit complicated

My contact person is super nice, but the process is a bit complicated especially with the meaning guidance. I saw from the beginning that my horse requires bigger shoes, now I am shipping the 2nd time too small shoes back. From Germany to Australia takes a while which makes the process a bit unrelaxed. I would prefer to have a contact shop in Germany.

Great product

We live in harsh rocky environment. Scoot boots have helped our horses immensely and we can actually ride them outside of the soft arenas now. Fast postage and customer service is on point. Thanks team!

Even better this time

I bought scoot boot slims for my younger mare and really, really liked them, so switched my older mare from shoes as well. Using the sizing service it was determined she needed enduros, which I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive about at first - the heel strap concerned me. However, my older mare is going GREAT in the enduros, better than my younger mare! There are no rubbing issues (definitely use the sizing service) and I appreciated all the sized straps and accessories included with the pair purchase. She loves them and I am SO happy we got her out of shoes.

One of my students accidentally put her out with the enduros on overnight. When I discovered this the next morning, she had lost one. Interestingly, it appeared it had just popped off - everything was intact and nothing broken, I’m still using it. Both of her hooves/legs were cleaned and uninjured, no rubs/scrapes/swelling. This made me feel much better about using them for extended periods of time or about them getting caught on brush.

My one complaint is that I wish the mud straps were easier to get on. I run a riding school and all of my students have a really difficult time getting the straps through the sleeve together. I am probably the only one in my barn who can get them on in a timely manner, and even then it is longer than I would like, as the original scoots take only a minute or two. Also when it is cold, or when a student has arthritic hands, it gets a bit miserable.

That is the only reason I’m giving these 4 stars, although I really love them, the fit on my horse, their durability and safety. Would probably purchase them again and suck up the difficult mud straps.

If anyone had tips and tricks regarding the mud straps, I’d love it!


My Texas Thoroughbred just has issues with his rear hooves staying healthy. I’ve tried numerous protective boots -all to no avail. Then I heard about Scoot Boots. I had quite the trouble getting my sizing pictures to the office in Australia. They worked over time to take care of me and my Kaladin. What a huge change for him!! I’m quite delighted in the gorgeous hooves my big boy has grown. I have to take them off at horseshoes, but we had no troubles. Yahooo!!! My Aussie Sandles are really working great!!!

Pastern Strap Pack
Bobbi Hansford
Thought I had finally found a good hoof boot. WRONG

Liked these at first then problems start. Bolt keeps coming off back of boot then I order colored straps, the bolts that hold these WILL NOT unscrew ended up braking the bolts so I'm screwed can't replace the straps and can't put the new ones in. so that's 300$ down the tubes!

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots
Outstanding boots

Have been using them for years. Only lost one on one occasion in really deep mud. No velcro means no stickers. My only recommendation would be to make left and right boots so you don't have to reach across the front of your horse when latching them; that would make them a little safer to put on/take off.