Scoot Boot launches global mule competition

Scoot Boot, the world’s leading supplier of equine hoof boots is on the search for the world’s most loved mules.

Launching their global “I love my mule” competition, the company is prompting mule owners to share their love for the animal and their personality traits and talents.

Scoot Boot Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Annette Kaitinis said mules are bred for their toughness with greater stamina and sensory awareness when out on rides than many horse breeds.

“With this competition we want the general public to learn more about mules and to showcase love and attention for them, including good health and hoof care,” Ms Kaitinis said.

“The welfare of equine breeds is at the core of our values here at Scoot Boot as we encourage owners to move away from traditional steel shoes and instead allow their animals to be barefoot, only using removable hoof boots when needed,” she said.

“This also applies to mules, who tend to have tougher hooves than horses, but do need protection, especially if they are traversing over rough, challenging, rocky terrain.”

Scoot Boot supplies innovative hoof boots to more than 85 countries across the world. Their world-leading product promotes hoof health for all equine breeds with durable, comfortable, open hoof boots that give great traction and protection.

Amongst their valued customers are mule owners and professional trail riders who inspired the Scoot Boot management team to expand their range of Enduro Boots that are great for mules and hooves with high heels. The new sizes 4 and 5 will be ready for release in the coming months.

The winning mules discovered in the “I love my mule’ competition will be given a full free set of Scoot Boot hoof boots together with free sizing and fitting.

“We want to celebrate and share the diversity of mules wherever they are and in whatever activities from trail rides to weekend riding and hobbyist.

Any mule owner can enter the competition by uploading a photo of their mule and telling in 200 words or less what’s special about their mule.

The competition is open for the whole month of June with shortlisted entries to be announced in mid July.