Angel’s getting ready to resume the National Trail!

We did a catch up call this week with Angel Copley and his mum Sascha and step-dad Tom to see how they were getting on after taking a short break from the trails.
When we saw them in October last year they were making their way to Dover
Tasmania, then back to Victoria for a well deserved break.
Now they’re preparing for the next leg of their trek along the 5300 km long National Trail, starting from Canberra in early April.
This time Sascha’s god-daughter Iluka is joining them for the first few weeks.
Iluka and Angel are great friends and fellow adventurers at heart.
Angel has just started working with a new physical therapist and is gaining more
strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination through exploration of movement
As a result of his new therapists’ help, he is fitter and able to do more things and is very much looking forward to hitting the trail again.
Sascha and Tom have added another two horses to the team, affectionately named Teddy and Stinky.
Team Scoot Boot is about to resize all the horses to get them ready for the trail, as
with the rain and green grass over the Australian summer their hoof profiles have all changed.
Angel’s ride is raising funds for the Riding for Disabled Association (RDA) in Australia.
All funds go directly to the RDA, just click on the Rough and Stumble link here:
And if you can offer help such as a night stay, fresh supplies or cafe catch-up for support as they travel along the National Trail, please let us know by emailing:
They will be in Section 10 of the trail in April, moving northwards. You can check out the map here:
You can follow all the fun on the Rough and Stumble Facebook and Instagram
pages too!