New Enduro Hoof Boots are a Game Changer for High Heeled Horses

The new Enduro hoof boots from Scoot Boots have been trialed and tested by stockists worldwide and the verdict is clear: Because of the adjustable heel bulb strap with improved comfort, the Enduros are a game changer for horses that don’t fit into the original Scoot Boots.


By Helle Maigaard Erhardsen


Have you been struggling to find hoof boots to fit your horse or mule due to their heels being too high or perhaps because your horse has a high heel on one foot and the other foot is low or normal height? This is exactly what the new Enduro hoof boot from Scoot Boots can accommodate for with their multiple adjustment options including an extension accessory for the bulb strap to suit even the most upright and high heeled horse or mule.


Additionally, the Enduro hoof boots are made with a wide, soft and flexible heel bulb strap, which will eliminate the risk of rubbing sensitive heels even further. The Enduros come with mud straps instead of the regular pastern straps, which make the Enduro hoof boots stay on securely even during rides through the toughest mountain terrain.


Karen Cox has been fitting and stocking Scoot Boots through her company Timberline Tack for the past five years and she has been trialing the new Enduro hoof boots prior to their release. She lives in Bozeman close to the Rocky Mountains in Montana US and has done about 300 miles in the Enduros so far.


“I am stoked about the new Enduros and their adjustability – they are a complete game changer for horses that don’t fit into the regular Scoot Boots and particularly horses with high heels,” Karen said.

Scoot Boots Enduro MT PonyKaren Cox with friends all in Enduro hoof boots on a 10-mile trail ride at the beautiful MT Pony US.


Finally a Hoof Boot to suit Upright High Heeled Horses


Although regular Scoot Boots can be stretched and adjusted to fit multiple heel shapes, many horse owners and mule owners have been struggling to fit hoof boots on their horses with upright and high heels. One of these horses is 31-year-old Phantom, a Paso Fino owned by Megan Rego. She found help through Scoot Boots stockist Karen Cox:


“I’ve always wanted Phantom to be barefoot but his front hooves couldn’t ever handle it. With Karen’s sizing and fitting help, I was able to have his front shoes pulled and get the Enduros for his TINY but tall heeled front hooves. I am VERY impressed with this design and Phantom is loving them,” Megan said in her feedback to Karen.


The new completely open heel design of the Scoot Boot Enduros makes them suitable for all horse heel heights and shapes, and they come with an extra extender to apply to the heel part to lift the fitting up as high as needed for the most upright and high heeled horses.


“We added the EVA foam tape and duct tape for gaiters since he’s wearing them for eight hours a day in turnout - I’d like to note that half our turnout paddock is currently 6-8 inches of deep mud! The Enduros were still perfectly positioned when I came out at the end of the day. He had no rubbing, no irritated spots, just a happy horse who didn’t want me to take his comfy boots off. Thank you, Karen!” Megan said.

High heeled horse in Enduro hoof bootsAt last the high heeled Paso Fino found comfort when he got into the Enduro hoof boots. Can you believe this handsome man is 31 years old! 

Improved Comfort in Enduro Hoof Boots with Wider Bulb Straps


Another Scoot Boot stockist, Stacy Pratt with Heartland Scoot Boots, agrees that the wider and fully adjustable bulb strap on the new Enduros is much more comfortable for the horse and makes it possible to fit a whole new range of horses comfortably into Scoot Boots.


“I have to tell you; I could not believe how great these new Enduros are. The wider bulb strap is fantastic, I have not had any rubbing on any of my horses from this strap and believe it or not; once they are fitted and set up, the Enduros are even easier to put on and off than the regular Scoot Boots”, Stacy said.


Stacy Pratt has been a stockist for Scoot Boots for about five years and is thrilled to now be able to offer the Enduros to those of her clients, who’s horses haven’t been able to fit into the regular Scoot Boots. She is located in south central Missouri US in the area called the Ozarks that is known for its extensive rivers, forests and mountains, in which she has been trialing the Enduros to make sure they perform perfectly in the toughest terrains.


Watch Stacy’s video below showing the Enduros perform on steep, rocky ground, and notice how confidently and comfortably the horse lands correctly with his heels first:


Enduros makes your Horse Perform Comfortably through the Toughest Terrains


Karen Cox is also impressed with the performance and design of the new Enduros. The snug, narrow fit of the Enduro hoof boots makes them stay securely on the hoof without having to rely on a tight heel strap that could cause rubbing. The primary function of the bulb strap on the Enduros is to stop the hoof from sliding out of the boot when traveling on steep terrain, and the pastern mud straps will prevent the boot from twisting.


“Just recently I went on what I thought would be an easy 10 mile round, but we hadn’t previously been on that trail, and it turned out to be the hardest 10-mile ride I’ve ever done. One section was an incredibly steep climb on loose dirt. Lots of sections where we were walking on boulder fields. Also walking on slick rock where my friend's shod horse slipped, and they both fell. We had zero problems in the Enduros!” Karen said.

The Enduro Hoof Boots are made from the same lightweight, flexible material as the regular Scoot Boots and have the same secure tread pattern underneath, which gives superior traction for your horse to safely move across the most challenging surfaces.


The Enduros do take some effort to get set up for your horse due to their high adjustability. In return, however, you’ll get a hoof boot that is custom fitted for your particular horse and super easy to slip on and off. As always, you are most welcome to reach out to our knowledgeable Scoot Boot sizing team for advice on fit and sizing.

Stacy Pratt Heartland Scoot BootsIn her Facebook group Heartland Scoot Boots, Stacy Pratt provides helpful videos on the new Enduros, how to fit them and other great advice about using hoof boots for your horse.


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