Scoot Anti Slip Shims

The Scoot Anti Slip Shim is constructed of a specifically formulated non-slip material that is inserted into the front of the Scoot between the hoof and the boot.

  • extra security when the hoof gets wet and slippery; and
  • as a filler providing a firmer fit when the hoof is in between sizes or the hoof has shrunk in dry conditions.
Shims can simply be removed when not needed.

Extra Small - fits Scoot boot sizes 000, 00, 0 (one pair)
Small - fits Scoot boot sizes 1, 2, 3 (one pair)
Medium - fits Scoot boot sizes 4, 5, 6 (one pair)
Large - fits Scoot boot sizes 7, 8, 9 (one pair)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Peta Gay Railton

Shims are good but the boots in general do twist and will come off if you are riding on anything but flat even terrain. I don’t know how to stop the twisting.

Chris Mitchell
Scoot anti slip shims

Excellent product! Easy to fit and have performed exactly as expected. Just wish I’d bought them sooner instead of constantly having to dismount and adjust the boots every couple of kilometres.
The size 0s Scoots were a very tight fit and the 1s kept twisting. Now I’ve been on a couple of trail rides each over several hours and they did not move! Woo hoo!
Extremely happy with the new shims.
Thanks must go to Fiona who was so helpful when ordering them.
Thanks Scoots. I love your products👍

Deb Haag
Scoot boots shims

I love the boots. With that said, I think that the boots should come with the shims for great fit. It took a month to get the shims and were quite expensive. I paid as much for shipping as the shims. But with that said it's a great product.

Hazel McCort

They are excellent....and have helped the boots fit more snug....

Celine Bedard
Livraison parfait on5⭐

les Shim sortent de la botte,. En randonnée je les perds je pense mettre de la gomme pour essayer de les fixer.Les petits encrage s'usent très vite.Si vous avez des suggestions pour m'aider, ce serait apprécié

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