Endurance Gaiters

Endurance Gaiters are made out of neoprene and provide protection for the lower back of the pastern and rear coronet area for sensitive skinned horses and for endurance riders travelling excessive distances. Best when combined with Mud Straps for ultimate support. 

Pack includes 2 Endurance Gaiters.

Our sizing specialist and barefoot trimmer Julia demonstrates how to put on an Endurance Gaiter in this

Small fits Scoot boot size 0 to size 2
Medium fits Scoot boot size 3 to size 5
Large fits Scoot boot size 6 to size 9

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Michelle Story
Gaiters are Great for Sensitive Feet!

My horse was experiencing a lot of rub and some bleeding. Gaitors completely resolved this issue!

Sue Jones
Endurance Gaiters

can be a bit tricky to start with but now I have them worked out! These are awesome, the only reason I can once again use scoots on my horse - my preferred hoof boot.

Anne Bailey
Endurance Gaiters

As I do a lot of trail riding and endurance rides I much prefer the endurance gaiters as they offer more protection of the hoof bulb. Easy to use.

Julie Robins

Very happy

Lilah Dobrowolski

I was a bit skeptical that these would work because they seemed very difficult to get in. I struggled less than I expected, and they are covering the strap that had been getting rub sores.

The velcro could be a little stronger. I think that's my biggest "negative" and that's barely a problem.. yet.

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