Endurance Gaiters

Endurance Gaiters are made out of neoprene and provide protection for the lower back of the pastern and rear coronet area for sensitive skinned horses and for endurance riders travelling excessive distances. Best when combined with Mud Straps for ultimate support. 

Pack includes 2 Endurance Gaiters.

Our sizing specialist and barefoot trimmer Julia demonstrates how to put on an Endurance Gaiter in this

Small fits Scoot boot size 0 to size 2
Medium fits Scoot boot size 3 to size 5
Large fits Scoot boot size 6 to size 9

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Monique van Vliet
Game changer!

Our horse Giles is reining bred, which means he puts his hind feet very far underneath his body. When putting on a boot he gets chaffing on his heel and pastern. That is till we discovered the Endurance Gaiters. A real game changer! Problem solved and he is a lot more comfortable.

Kristy Stephens
Endurance Gaitors

Definitely much better for my horse. She’s much more comfortable now.

penelope Charleston
Rub marks

They have certainly fixed the nasty rub mark issues especially on the back .
I have never had issues with scoots before
Mind you I have put in the Kms

Carrie Quatsoe
Scoots and endurance gaiters

I recently rode Big South Fork in Tennessee. I was reluctant to shoe my horse and chose scoot boots with endurance gaiters as an option. They worked great! The boots with the endurance gaiters were so much easier to use than the mud straps and the boots really stayed in place through mud, over rocks, into streams, and Sandy areas.
I was very happy with their performance. I also used another brand of boot and the gaiters were a disappointment. They were too thin and tore. I recommend scoot boots with endurance gaiters instead of shoeing any time!

Vicki Enklaar
Excellent product

Couldn’t be happier with the product and excellent customer service.

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