Annette Kaitinis wearing yellow Scoot Boot tights hugging her black horse in her driveway
Scoot Boot Performance

Matty's Barefoot Journey: Part 2

Matty’s Barefoot Journey Part 2 With Annette Kaitinis (Co-Founder of Scoot Boot) June, 2020  For those who haven’t read my first blog in late Apr...

A paint horse wearing Scoot Boots being ridden on a trail ride
Scoot Boot Performance

Hoof Boots are Changing the Times

Sheri's Barefoot Transition Journey Though a relatively new addition to the horse world, hoof boots are changing the times. With more and more rese...

Annette Kaitinis posing with her black horse Matty in Tasmania

Matty's Barefoot Journey: Part 1

Matty’s Barefoot Journey With Annette Kaitinis (Co-Founder of Scoot Boot) May, 2020   A few months ago, Scoot Boot put a call out to the wider Tas...