Enduros 4s and 5s are here!


The long-awaited larger sizes of the Scoot Boot Enduro are ready for your order.


This is the most advanced adjustable hoof boot available. They are great for those hard-to-fit hoofs including mules. If you have tried our regular hoof boots and couldn’t get the right fit, it’s time to give the Enduros a try.


Winnipeg mule Lark wins global competition with Equine Synergy

Scoot Boot, the world’s leading supplier of equine hoof boots proudly announces Lark as the official winner of its global competition.

The Scoot Boot ‘I love my mule’ competition attracted hundreds of entries from all over the world spanning Australia, US, Europe and the South Americas.

So, what’s the scoop on Scoot Boots?

Thank you to the Equestrian Hub Australia and Lynne Murray for this independent product review.

It’s a great example of when switching to hoof boots might not work the first time around. There are different brands out there and not all brands fit all horses.
If you have tried hoof boots and were not completely happy, give our Scoot Boots a try.


Scoot Boot launches global mule competition

Scoot Boot, the world’s leading supplier of equine hoof boots is on the search for the world’s most loved mules.

Launching their global “I love my mule” competition, the company is prompting mule owners to share their love for the animal and their personality traits and talents.