Woman wearing a purple top and black helmet galloping her black, brown and white horse wearing black Scoot Boots in a sand arena

Are Scoot Boots Cheaper Than Shoeing?

Scoot Boots Are ‘Too Expensive’  “Scoot Boots are too expensive. They sound great and I wish I could use them, but I just can’t justify the cost”. ...

A barefoot trimmer rasping the bottom of a horse's hoof

Quarantine Maintenance Trim

My Barefoot Trimmer can't Come to my Place at the Moment, How Do I Keep up with the Maintenance of my Horse's Hooves? All is well here in Connectic...

Rasping the hoof wall in a horse's barefoot trim

Does your Horse need Hoof Boots?

Part 3 of the Brainy Hoof Blog by Christa Lesté-Lasserre The smooth outer surface of the hoof is the hoof wall. It is the part of the hoof that is ...

Make the Most of The Snowy Season-Scoot Boot
Scoot Boot Performance

Make the Most of The Snowy Season

If you've never ridden through the snow before, we strongly recommend you do it. There's nothing like frolicking through fresh powder or taking a s...

How To Do a Mustang Roll - Scoot Boots

How To Do a Mustang Roll

We've all heard so much about Mustang Roll for our horses' hooves. What is so great about a nice, clean mustang roll? And why do we want to even do...

The Flat Footed Horse - Scoot Boots

The Flat Footed Horse

What is considered to be a "Flat Footed Horse"? Well, anatomically, the hoof capsule should be a "cozie" for the foot, the P3, inside the capsule. ...

That Certain "Flare"! - Scoot Boots

That Certain "Flare"!

There is 'flair' and then, there are "flares" . . . . . . Of course, we all want our horses to have 'flair' but not the "flare"  that indicates iss...