Kandy’s review is sweet to our ears!

It’s always great to get feedback from our top stockists who drive their business with passion for their customers and their equines.

Alyson Scott is one such stockist based in Ohio, USA. The thing about Alyson is she is always engaging with her customers, going the extra mile to ensure they have the right fit and product for their equines and the terrains.

This week, one of Alyson’s customers, Kandy gave a glowing review of our Scoot Boot Enduro size 4 which she bought for her Arabian named Phoenix.

This is what Kandy had to say:
I took Phoenix on a pretty challenging ride yesterday. Lots of mud and rocks. The boots were GREAT!!...They're what I've wanted for years and years...Phoenix actually stayed on the trail instead of trying to get onto softer ground, rubbing me into the trees and prickers. The boots stayed on and it was some really deep, sucking mud. The only problem I had was the right front slipped sideways. I got off and straightened it up and never had another problem… These are the first boots I've ever felt like it's comfy for the horse…When he wears these out, I'll be calling for a new pair…Thank you very much for your help!!!!"

We’re so happy that Phoenix loves his Enduros and that Kandy can enjoy his trails with his growing confidence on the more difficult terrain.