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What Are Scoot Boots?

Scoot Boots are the latest innovation in hoof boot technology, specifically designed for barefoot horses.

Why Scoot Boots?


The Scoot Boot community is full of friendly people like yourself - riders, hoof care practioners and barefoot enthusiasts alike

Make Extra $$

Supplement your income or turn it into your full time gig and make up to $120 for every pair sold

Growing Market

With the barefoot movement growing every day. more and more people are turning to hoof boots to aid in hoof care. Be a part of it!

Becoming A Stockist Is Easy


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Make up to $120 on sale!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sizes should I stock?

Having all sizes on hand is ideal, as you'll be able to service a greater range of clients with ranging hoof sizes. We understand holding a heap of stock can be hard though, so as a minimum, we suggest stocking the three most common sizes (2, 3, and 4). You can always order more in, as needed.

Do I make $120 on every sale?

We have four tiers of pricing based on how many pairs you purchase. Grow your client base, stock more boots, and be rewarded with greater profit, simple!

What happens if the boots don't fit?

After completing the stockist application, you should have sound knowledge around what hooves are suitable for Scoot Boots. It is strongly recommended all horses be sized using our fitting shells, as these are 99% accurate. If you are unable to reach your client and need to size via photos, there will be greater room for error. In this case, you must offer to exchange/refund the boots if they are the incorrect size or unsuitable.

Can I size from sizing photos?

The short answer is yes, but only if you cannot use fitting shells. It takes some time fitting horses for Scoot Boots to develop an understanding of how to size from photos accurately.

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