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The Scoot Mud Strap is the ultimate riding accessory for those who like it extreme. The perfect accompaniment to your Scoot Boots, the mud strap provides unparalleled security in deep mud and when riding over rough terrain. It can also help prevent losing a boot in the instance a horse overreaches. Made from extremely robust thermoplastic urethane (TPU), the Scoot Mud Strap is designed to stretch when placed under load and, if secured correctly, won't affect the horse's pasterns.

- 2 Mud Straps

- 2 Mud Strap Collars

- 4 Mud Strap Sleeves (to be used to improve the fit or if your horse has sensitive skin/rubbing issues)

This video demonstrates how to stretch the mud strap with boiling water to make it longer. You may need to do this if you have a size too small or if your horse is experiencing rubbing due to the mud strap being too tight. You have the correct size Mud Strap if you are able to fit your finger between the strap and your horse's leg.
Here is an alternative way to stretch your Mud Straps using a heat gun or a hair dryer:
Mud Strap Size Chart  
Size Fits Sizes
XXS 00,0
XS 1,2
S 3,4
M 5,6
L 7
XL 8

Note -  as there are so many variables to the size of a horses upper hoof, you may find the Mud Straps are a size too small. If this is the situation, you can easily extend the length 10mm (3/8") which will be the length of the next size up. Do this by heat stretching.
If you have any queries about fit, please send us photos of the strap on the Scoot Boot to for advice. 

When you have the perfect fit - you will achieve maximum retention 

If too big - if the Mud Strap can be pulled down to comfortably reach the coronet band, then your Mud Strap is a size too big and will pull off the hoof with minimum pressure

If too small - if you cannot slip a finger comfortably around the periphery of the Mud Strap, then the Mud Strap is a size too small and will likely cause rubbing  

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
melissa shell
Works great

For my pony, Who has one tricky foot, this was the answer for keeping the scoot Boot secure

Pamela Bjork-Billings

I’m interested in your thoughts about using the mud strap WITH trail gaiters?

My horse is very athletic and agile off his hinds. He galloped out of his back boots on a trail ride and then I got trail gaiters . I have trouble keeping the Velcro done up so I’m going to try mud straps as well as the trail gaiters on the back.

Mary Vogelweid
Mud straps work but run small

My horse wears a size 3 boot, and it fits perfectly. The first mud straps I ordered of the recommended size for that boot were too small. I ordered the next size up (M), and they will work, but are very tight. I probably need to go up at least one more size. I love the boots, and would highly recommend them. I think the sizing on the mud straps might need to be worked on a little more.

Deborah Falber

I haven’t been able to use them. I tried 3 sizes of boots from Schneider’s and they didn’t work out. The 5 fit one hoof, but Schneider wouldn’t exchange the other 5 for a 4. Said they couldn’t break the set. I love the boots and would like to get a pair, but had trouble getting them fitted properly. So the mud strap has not been used!!


Great product, great service

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