Tough Terrain in Texas at the Wacky Waco Endurance Race

What an amazing weekend! We completed 60 miles on some of the toughest terrain in Texas! Wacky Waco is not a ride for the faint of heart, and has steep rock climbs and descents and the Scoot Boots literally stuck to the rock! I have never felt so secure in any foot protection! My boys would stand vertical on the rock without sliding and tip toe his way down never missing a step! He inched his way down rock, scrambled his way up steep rock steps, loped off through pastures, long trotted on tight trails and never missed a beat in these boots! No rubs, even though they had very minimal time to condition in them before the race. They stayed snug and secure all day long.
When it comes to durability the Scoots hardly look like I've used them even though they have about 100 miles on them! The tread is tough as nails, it still looks brand new, minor surface scuffs from the crazy rocks and that's it!
I am very proud to be backed by such an amazing product! Took Top Ten at 8th, without even trying and all A's on his vet card all day! We will have another race, 50 miles, the 22nd of this month in Mississippi
Can't wait!

Emily Rose Stamboulieh, California USA

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