Get up 'n Scoot up from Tassie

For those of you who know me well will know I've never been one for shoeing my horses for various reasons and after having an incredible farrier trimming for years their feet have always stood up well, until oaky got ill from improperly labeled product in November 2014, we had no feet problems. He has since showed intermittent tenderness on sharp rocks etc. late 2015 I was doing a delivery and met the lovely Annette, co owner and developer of the scoot boot. She introduced me to her product which got me thinking. I has always been hesitant about boots due to a few design flaws applicable to oaky. Since then I took the plunge and couldn't be more impressed! I have galloped up hills, along bush tracks, beaches, gone bush and everything. Thus far cannot fault them. Oaky loves them, he is confident, content, steps out and most importantly, we haven't lost one yet! With my success on oaky and him being the bush horse he is, were invited to take part in the promo shoot. This was an incredible test for the boots and they held up to the task! If your considering them do yourself a favour and give them a try. We love them and had so much fun doing the shoot! Get up 'n scoot! #scootboots

Prue Dennis, Tasmania, AUS

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