Winnipeg mule Lark wins global competition with Equine Synergy

Scoot Boot, the world’s leading supplier of equine hoof boots proudly announces Lark as the official winner of its global competition.

The Scoot Boot ‘I love my mule’ competition attracted hundreds of entries from all over the world spanning Australia, US, Europe and the South Americas.

Lark won the judges’ hearts with her story of having been saved at an auction and then relocated to Blackbird Ranch Equine Rescue and Rehab.

There she is able to live a good life and spend her spare time co-starring in Train Robbery stage shows and helping out with fundraising events, last year raising more than 14,000 USD for breast cancer research.

Scoot Boot Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Annette Kaitinis said Lark was a worthy recipient of two free pairs of personally fitted Scoot Boot hoof boots.

“With this competition we wanted to reinforce that Scoot Boot designs protective and performance hoof boots for all equines large and small, including mules,” Ms Kaitinis said.

“We’ve just released larger sizes of our Scoot Boot Enduro hoof boots which are a great fit for mules who tend to have tougher hooves than horses, but do need protection, especially if they are traversing over rough, challenging, rocky terrain.”

The Blackbird Ranch benefits from the services of local barefoot trimming company and Scoot Boot Stockist Equine Synergy headed by Coreen Bradley.

Ms Bradley said she was looking forward to fitting Lark with her very own Scoot Boots and helping share the benefits of going barefoot with the wider Canadian public.

Lark’s owner, Corrine Nykorak, who is also a Director of the Blackbird Ranch thanked the Scoot Boot team for awarding Lark and helping showcase hoof health for mules around the world.