Trail Ride Glamping Adventures in Scoot Boots

Have you ever dreamt about gathering your best friends, saddling up your horses and disappearing from reality into breathtaking bushland for days on end?
That’s what John and Joanna from Pack Saddling Australia are all about.
And it gets even better than that: They cook your food, set up your tent and light the campfire for you.

“We’ve been taking people and their horses trail glamping in the Victorian bushland for five years now and we absolutely love it,” said Joanne.

In the coming week John and Joanne are preparing to go for a 5-6 day trail ride with their own private friends going through the Bendigo-Castlemaine Goldfields area.
An important part of the preparations is getting their small herd of pack mules fitted with Scoot Boot Enduro hoof boots:

Joanne’s horse has been barefoot for the past two years and does all the trail rides in Scoot Boots.
She loves the feel of how the hoof boots ease the ground concussion like a soft pair of sneakers, which makes them perfect for long trail rides through all kinds of terrain.
Although mules are notorious for their hard wearing and tough hooves, John and Joanne’s mules live in a soft, grassy paddock which doesn’t condition their hooves for rough and rocky terrain.
As such, the mules need protection on their feet to make sure they’re comfortable when venturing out of their usual territory.
Follow their journey on Pack Saddling Australia’s Facebook page and see how the hoof boots work out!