Scoots and Skins in Shahzada

Arabec Czar 6yr old part arabian gelding. 120km Shahzada Mini Marathon. Scoot Boots.
Czar was taken to Shahzada as the backup in case something went wrong leading to the main event - nothing went wrong so he was left standing around in his yard until Jo, his mini marathon rider, rescued him! I have never seen so much excitement in a horse as Czar expressed by being taken to vetting to preride vet check, he was beside himself with joy that he wasn't 'forgotten'! The mini marathon comprises of 40km a day for three days, Czar has beautiful barefoot hooves, he is one horse that boots are the 'bees knees'! Day one - he was set up with his scoots, on fronts and backs, plenty of baby powder was used to ensure he would not rub and off he went, the scoots performed exceptionally well over very tough terrain, and he only had one misshap where he had a fall and ripped one of his back boots off, Jo put the boot back on though its gaiter was lost somewhere in the scrub, opps. Once he had vetted and returned to camp I washed his boots thoroughly and found a replacement gaiter to replace the missing one, all was set up and ready for the next day's start. Day two again he was thoroughly baby powdered to protect against rubbing (re-mentioning the baby powder as it is a very good trick for extra protection!) and strapped into his scoots and off he went, a number of creek crossings and sand had be a bit worried but Jo knew she could take his boots off and travel bare foot if needed for some of the ride - this didn't need to happen and despite the loss of a gaiter on one of his back boots he returned to camp looking tremendous and vetted perfectly. Again his boots were washed and made ready for the next day (washing is very important as it is when the gaiters get stiff that they rub!). I did not have any more spare gaiters on hand so for day three he was set up in scoots on his fronts and gloves on his backs. Day three saw him very liberally baby powdered and booted and off he headed. I didn't baby powder his leg boots this time, not sure why, I normally don't break routine so badly, but for whatever reason I baby powdered his hoof boots but not leg boots! When he returned off track this time parts of his leg under his tendon boots had rubbed raw, poor boy! He had also rubbed around the top of the gloves on his back hooves and I do wonder if I should have just sent him out with the scoots minus the gaiters! Lots of paw paw ointment to keep the air off the rubs and he headed to vetting and looked an million dollars, 120km done and A's for gait the entire event! Next time he competes I am actually going to sew his gaiters so they can't come off very happy with his scoots and how they performed in VERY tough terrain! I had contemplated that he might need glue on skins but thought I would give the scoots a true test and see how they performed, they did not disappoint at all!

Roswick Ameera 13yr old part arabian mare. 400km Shahzada Marathon. Scoot Skins.
Ameera is a little gun of an endurance mare! She didn't start into the sport until a later age but has taken to it like a fish to water, the technical terrains are her specialty and she loves the hills! Last year she completed the Shahzada 400km marathon with gusto, each trot out for vetting full of energy and looking fantastic. Unfortunately this year she vetted out with some lameness issues. I would like to see her scoot around the 400km Shahzada Marathon next year back in her old form and looking a million dollars not just in her body and mind, but in her hooves!In this photo of her during day two of the marathon you can see how keen and happy she is out on track, after already having completed 80km the day before. Her enthusiasm for the sport is endearing, and allows her to get away with being a temperamental strong willed '****' seeing her in so much hoof pain was devastating but back in the soft muddy paddocks of home she is hooning around with no pain at all so after a visit or two to Motion EPC hopefully she is all guns go for the rest of the endurance season!

Emma Holland, Victoria, AUS