A succesful mini marathon

I have attached a couple of photos of myself on my horse Al Shafiq that were taken while I was riding in a 120km mini marathon. We successfully completed the full 120kms in Scoot Boots. The terrain varied from boggy mud to deep sand and then some gravelly hills and rocky out crops during the course of this marathon not once did my boots move. Not once did I have to stop to adjust them. They stayed exactly where I put them. Before finding Scoot Boots I had tried a range of other brands and had endless trouble with broken cables and boots coming off so I found Scoots to be a breath of fresh air. I have now worn right through the bottom of this pair after 18 months and thousands of kms both training and competitively. My new set is in the mail. I think I would be lost with out them now. I have also attached a photo from this weekend of two of my very good Friends Zoe Yusoff and Jonina Wright who both successfully completed 60kms in scoot boots with out any issues along the way. If anyone is wondering how these boots handle endurance. I can honestly say they are bloody brilliant! I will update more as the year goes on and we continue to compete in our Scoot Boots.
Thanks Scoot Boots for an awesome product.

Ricci Adlam, Western Australia, AUS