Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation's mission is to save thoroughbred horses no longer able to compete on the racetrack from possible neglect, abuse and slaughter. It began in 1983 when founder Monique Koehler negotiated a milestone agreement with the NYS Dept. of Corrections to start a vocational training program in equine care and management for inmates. This unique and life-affirming TRF program has thus helped thousands of thoroughbred horses have the retirement they need, and been replicated at correctional facilities in eight states.

Most horses under TRF care suffered career-ending injuries on the track that make them suitable only for quiet retirement as pasture.  However, hundreds of TRF horses have successfully been retrained and adopted out to homes where they began new lives as pets, competition horses, police mounts, or equine-assisted therapy partners. The TRF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt organization entirely dependent on public contributions.